Kendra Moné McNichols, also known as KENGY, is a West-Indian American multi-disciplinary artist based in London. KENGY has been infatuated with the medium photography for as long as she can remember. From being a kid using 35mm disposable cameras to receiving her first Nikon DSLR camera in 2010, she began to capture the everyday world of her reality. She uses photography as a tool to voice her desires and pain; as she would say to “keep tings real”.

            KENGY graduated in MA Photography from Royal College of Art. Her photographic practiced developed into an experimental approach fusing varied art mediums: filmmaking, installation, jewelry/metal, textile, and screen-printing. Her practical research is solely based on identity, sexuality, and embracing the aesthetics of Blackness and its culture. 

            KENGY is the founder of FETARI, a new creative platform for emerging arts and music to give creators an opportunity to showcase their talents. Her mission is to create a healing space where communities and artists unite for the love of art and culture.

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